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What is Loup?

A Loup is an optimized circular path between neighborhoods where we have designated pick-up/drop-off spots (Similar to a bus route).

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The Loup Experience

Comfortable - A black car experience is waiting for you; our vehicles offer amenities such as phone chargers, wifi, water, gum, and snacks. No more overcrowding and standing-room only.
We have a seat for you.
Loup there it is.

Convenient - Get a licensed black car in just a few quick taps. No more worrying about carrying cash, memorizing bus schedules, or missing the bus.
We're ready when you are.
Loup there it is.

Affordable - Save 50% or more by reserving a seat in the vehicle. No more surprise costs after the ride. Know what you'll pay before you book it.
Save money on your commute.
Loup there it is.

Reliable - There's always another Loup driver coming up the path to your stop. No more worrying if there are cars near you.
We'll be right there.
Loup there it is.

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